Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Not so long ago, in this digital era started a casual chat in the ORKUT. He was a metro boy and she was a semi-metro girl. The boy was an aries and the girl a libran, totally opposite poles. They never met but chatted and talked and talked talked.There were many misunderstandings, melancholy strain and tears but seemed the destiny was on their way.

The time passed and their love bloomed, the sky was clear now, no doubts and misunderstandings...everything seemed confident and clear and the path was visible.But....the destiny played its brought the mist and darkest storms in their way...nothing to be seen , only darkness..everything seemed to end..the ordeal was never ending.

But the destiny showed mercy and cleared the path again but still the mist was not so clear...but this does not shake their faith...there was their love travelling along that gave them immense strength, patience and passion.

The storm and tempest have always been playing their games to torn their love...and they have always been standing still with courage and daunt challenging the cruel vamp and never gave up.

They still are waiting for the day ,they will finally meet and complete their love..which is as pure as camphor...and the world will bow before be the symbol of purity and love....

Friday, 5 September 2014

promotion and reward policy in Railways (SECR)

Respected employees and officials,

I request you all to give your valuable responses on the questionnaire which I have prepared for my MBA project.The title of my project is "PROMOTION AND REWARD POLICY OF  RAILWAYS(SECR)".I have prepared a set of questions and have provided some options along with the questions, some questions are provided with text boxes in which you will be required to give your valuable comments and views.

On the basis of your responses I will prepare chart and analyse the results which I will be required for my project.I do not have much time.I request you to give your response and kindly help me.I will respect our comments and views.


Tanushree Dasgupta
MBA project survey